Magnaseal Leak Patch 8 Inch

Magnaseal Leak Patch 8 Inch

5. Emergency Response / Leak Prevention
Product Code: NMGNSL-8"

The MAGNASEAL Leak Patch is a high strength, magnetic, flexible urethane patch. It can hold back up to 30 pounds of pressure. All sizes come with 4 built in ā€œDā€ rings and 2 6 inch continuous loop webbing straps which can be used for application.

All Leak patches are 5/8 inch thickness. The corner D Ring adds 1/4 inch to the thickness.

Carrying Case ā€“ Each MAGNASEAL Leak Patch comes with a carrying case. The carrying case has an industrial zipper and insulated sides to buffer the strength of the MAGNASEAL while it is not in use. The carrying case makes it easy to keep MAGNASEAL protected from UV light and out of the way.

Patch Size:
8" x 8" x 5/8

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  • • 8 x 8
Brand Magnaseal
Color Black